We’ll make it!

Taoyuan, 26 December 2011-12-30

This day is a miracle day for me and yessy as a foreigner. We got lost for two times but Allah always help us alhamdulillah. First, we lost in Taoyuan station and surprisingly meet Jessica (our friend in national taipei university) who show us bus to daxi (we are soo panic at that time, no one can understand english+_+). The second we lost in Lou fu and suddenly mrs. Ling (kumu’s sister) surprisingly pass by her car and picked us up (she said that a man see the two girls using veil was walking at this street and she hurry to meet us). Then online for a while at lao fu elementary school, lunch together with teaher and uncle, take many photos at coffee cafe up hills,

taste the delicious taiwan coffee, and finally take a rest in kumu’s house  (actually luo fu is still far from kumu’s house, we need to pass the hill:O:O). So xiexie for today Jessica, aunt y ling, uncle and her friends. Yessy we’ll make it hore!

an easily panic woman- Aghnia Amalia Septiany:O


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