Two days for work:O

Taoyuan, 29-30 December 2011

This two days we have fun work with aunty fa shien and kaoshien in renovated the office, accompanying celine dion songs, singing loudly and delicious taiwan noodle, and actually in this day the office finally has a good renovated. And my battery laptop was going to die.

Tomorrow we’ll go to taipei to see the fireworks party. What I’ll never forget about this village is its :

1. Beautiful landscape: an amazing green lake,

a peace small forest,

a beautiful white bridge

2. Its friendly family: kumu, tjie an, andy, mama, aunty ling, aunty fa shieng, koushien, pastor, all people in church, in shi ko tai, in Luo fu elemantary school

3. Its above average weather that makes me nosebleed almost every day. You know I love you all, and will really-really miss you! Thank you for every thing, mokhaisu Zai jian taoyuan!!:)

a just 12 days Taoyuan inhabitant –Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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