The second tallest bulding in the world: Taipei 101

Taipei, 31 December 2011

this final 2011 day was really my lucky day! I can easily went to Taipei from Taoyuan with yessy without getting lost or something difficult, and what I grateful the most is I can see the new year fireworks at the second tallest building in the world! Taipei 101! which has the really really amazing fireworks in all parts of that building in five minutes!! how happy i ammm:)

but there are some problems that I made.. (my easycard was gone+_+) without that I must buy ticket in every station that we take (Taipei has too many station I think:O) and the station was sooo crowded! everyone wants to go to the Taipei 101, (one thing that I amazed about that was everything in Taiwan was soo well organized, you know in that time, security and medical division is everywhere, there are many red plus big balloon and security to anticipate the problems that will happen in that really crowded time). but eci, puji and si an was always helped me in getting my ticket (thank you so much guys:*). but in that hectic situation that was funny thing that I got. when my not automatic ticket error (by a coin and bill) and I was asking the information when suddenly a security bring two Indonesian man who asked me in Javanese language “mbak mbak, iki piye carane saya keluar dari stasiun ini. kok orang2 pake tiket yo mbak? saya punyanya koin to, ora bisa melebu ke sistem” in a panic face. so I forget my problem and laugh loudly, “ahahahhahah kocak, sini sini mase, carane iki lho” then helped them in exit the station (Thank you God you know I have many difficult time caused by the lost of my Easy card, and You send me two funny Indonesian people:) In that time my ear become more sensitive about the Indonesian language around me, and I realized there are sooo many Indonesian in that Taipei main metro station!:O:O (so its true that Indonesian loves to come in the crowded place:p)

Actually after seeing fireworks we want to see the flag ceremony at national palace museum but we was very tired, so we get a train to Shu Lin (the station to Shan Jia was already closed at 12.00), carter the taxi and sleep at 5.00 a.m. zzzz.

this night was soo great! Xīn Nián Kuài Lè everyone!!:)

a really careless woman- Aghnia Amalia Septiany :O


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