An amazing white bridge and hidden forest, for the second time

Taoyuan, 27 December 2011

When I’m going there in a few days ago with Andy (a funny, really friendly and good friend from Australia), I promise I’ll go to this bridge and small forest as many as I can before I leave taoyuan. And this day, I’m a little ask hard to yessy:p (she tell me that she really tired, but I’ll promise she will regret much if she miss this  great landscape) to accompany me in passing the bridge again and the climb above the hill to buy our food stock. Yessy was soo funny (you must see how scary she is when passing that bridge, like Andy, Yessy was a higher place phobia haha duibuqi yessy:p) and she really tired when walking up to the main city (go go yessy!:p). She said that Im a really strong woman because I never had a tired face (you know yess, actually I’m really tired but I don’t care and I don’t even feel it, in my mind just how to enjoy this beauty place as much as I can ).

After we go home, aunty and mama asked us to help them making taya tribe’s traditional food (Bamboo rice and banana rice) until night, play with children, and got a tight sleep. Thank you for to day yess! I know you can!

a really really nature lover- Aghnia Amalia Septiany;)


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