Such a fun day!!

Taipei, 21 december 2011

Before we’re going to taoyuan, me and yessy was asked by trista to hang out with her friends, eva and violet in san xia old street at 12 a.m.

that time was sooo fun. We’re visiting the handcraft cafee, trying budhist ritual at one of the beautiful temple, eating the traditional amazing taste bread which has shape like a cow (I’m forget the chinese name of that:p),

sweet taofu, laughing, wearing a lot of funny things, and making a ‘difficult to get+_+’ calling card called seven mobile. Overall this day was soo fun! Xie xie trista, you are soo nice! Eva and jessica who really funny, jade as my supervisor in making this calling card, and hua hua to drive me and yessy to taoyuan:3 see you later in the next four weeks!

an eat lover :p –Aghnia Amalia Septiany:D


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