It’s where seediq bale fighting for..

Taoyuan, 22 december 2011

This day for me and yessy were really feel…..something hard (we’re just #speechless because all people in here speaks chinese so how we can learn the culture?:O:O), but we are lucky to have andy (from australia) and tjie an (from singapore), other trainees who can speak english and chinese well, and were being here for about 10 days. They are really2 kind to me and yessy, they explained all the condition, being a translator, and we can be friend quickly:) so we are doing something really really different from our job description, we just following this family activity as the tribe people.

Taoyuan is a place where one of 14 tribes in taiwan, called taya’s tribe live. It’s place where seediq bale (a hero from taoyuan who’s i watch the movie about him with my lovely host mate, jessica, ariel and trista in their apartment) living and fighting the japanese who trying to control this taya’s area to get their resources.

Taoyuan is one of the cities in mountain so that this place was really really cold. We live in kumu’s family, and they are really friendly, nice and soo funny (they have a lot of jokeJ). Although we dont understand what they all saying but me and yessy love to see their laugh and happiness:) in this day, we just hepling kumu to redecorated her office which has soo many document and stuff, eating a lot and finally taking a shower:p so than you for today, andy, tjie en, kumu’s family and specially for en en (a cute three years old boy:*) i love you:)

one of seediq bale movie fans –Aghnia Amalia Septiany:D


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