It’s the first experience!

Taoyuan, 23 december 2011

Kumu’s familiy was busy today to make a christmast preparation for this night. So me, yessy and tjie an were trying the LAN internet in kumu’s office and skypeing with our home country relatives, and andy, was keeping ama (grandmother) in the house. After 2 hours in office we comeback house to accompany andy. Me and yessy see a white beautiful gates in the way back and I really really want to go there at the first sight when hua hua drives us! So, i asked andy to guide me to that gates, and finally I go there!! Yessy and tjie an stayed at home according to the cold weather so just me and andy. Like tjie an, andy was really really nice to me tooJ he’s a good guide and we take so many photos on there. The white gates was soooooo amazing for me and andy! The green water with the mountain landscape its sooo peaceful!, feel like somewhere in heaven i mean!!. And then we walk to the top of hill, it really tiring (I can’t imagine andy tell the students must climb up this hill to go to their school) but we enjoy that, because that hill was soo green and beautiful. On the top of hill there were a small downtown, so andy bought us some snacks and foods (again he’s so kind to me). After we eat at home andy looks tired and directly take a nap. Me, yessy and tjie an make a video of taya’s tribe song (you can check at yessy’s facebook later:D). The song was like this “ima ima lalumu, nia nia lalusu, yessy yessy lalunia, yessy yessy lalunia” which means that ‘my name is nia, and her name is yessy”. Then finally kumu’s familiy came, and pick us to the church.

This the first time for me, and yessy following the activity on the church. We eat a lot of non-pork foot, delicious sashimi and soo many moreJ they singing, laughing, change the present, take many photos,  so this night for us was so… just great!!

a new comer – Aghnia Amalia Septiany:D


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