it was called : dam-ping (蛋餅) :6

the most taiwanese food that I love in my first week in this country was ‘dam-ping’ or it can be explained as an ommelet inside the bread with a salty ketchup on that surface. Vicky’s mother was made that yesterday and I’ll really want to try more and more. so this morning, jessica showing me the cheap shop food that sell that egg pie:)  the taste was so great!!:)

126879942021 (640×480)

after that I’m going to NTPU again to spend this day, and meet pei shuen, a good singer who will attend the music competetion in this university with her boyfriend and her cute friend:O

she really friendly, me and yessy easily can closed to her quickly and her cute friend (actually his a boy:p), we are singing together, teaching them about some indonesian songs and she give us a free delicious coffee and cake, yummy:3 we told her we want to go to night market in our last week later, and she offered going together, so she and her cute friend will pick us out in shinxai by motorcycle, it will be amazing! can’t wait!:O:O

then we attended the lc meeting, sharing with julian yeh, who ever exchange to indonesia and making new friends there:) before I’m going to jessica and ariel apartement I tried the chicken pie, and it’s taste was so amazing (i think with indonesian rice and spicy sauge will be more delicious:p)

behind me ariel was prepared the camera for making our pictures together. so thank you for today yessy, puji, great NTPU LC! jessica and ariel for the warm apartment, and the kindeness! you both are really friendly with me, thank you so much!:)  see you later!

a dam-ping lover – Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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