Her name was Puji:)

this day because the host family haven’t prepared anything yet for me and yessy in their village, so we must wait in Sanxia until wednesday when they finished in prepared our acommodation. So we wait in aiesec TPLC office, and finally got the signal to online again and met with others friendly aiesec member:D

I was skype-ing with my twins vita (one of my best friend in senior high school), when suddenly my friend, also yessy’s best friends ‘Puji’ coming to meet us and I very suprised because she coming alone from Taipei :O:O

Puji has been in Taiwan just for three weeks and she almost already know everything that we must know about Taipei, she told us about her great experience in teaching at one of the school in that city with a few foreign others, and that was a really great story:O I mean with her veil, her different appereance, she trully brave in explored this big, busy city, cool!

after that we spent this day with laughing, eating a big bowl Taiwanese noodle with others, teaching them how to speak ‘sampai jumpa’ and other Indonesian language, trying delicious buble tea, and I having a fun sharing in apartment with Ariel, Jessica and Trista who really curious about my religion (they help me to searching the west and show me doing shalat), about Taiwanese hero, food, handsome artist in this country and many others which sooo attracting:D

thank you for today guys:) see you tomorrow!

one of muslim girl – Aghnia Amalia Septiany 😀


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