Formosa means beautiful:)

in this completely cold night, with this frozen finger (maybe I’m little excessive:p but you must feel how cool this place) I’m going to tell you about my first day in what Portuguese called that ‘Formosa island’:) Formosa means beautiful, and before I’m going to this country I think this country will be same with another Chinese people country so that Portuguese name was not attracting to me, but totally I’m wrong. this place was so different, amazing and beautiful:)

Flying there by China Airplanes with Yessy (my funny exchange mate) at first we feel cold, busy with our super heavy luggage and really hungry before we picked up by Meina, a 19 years old girl from national taipei university to  Vicky (the ocp of this project) dorm to sleep there that night. Vicky is a beautiful, smart girl and really nice with us, she also good in playing piano too. She will going to Ghana, Africa in the next 18 january so we wont meet her anymore:(.

Hostel NTU is a nice and comfortable hostel,. One bedroom was made up of four mattresses and one bathroom but we have to precipitate themselves to go to the room because we did not have permission: p once it gets a shower and pray, we chatted with Vicky, meina and ling da about various things, they asked why we cover up our hair and we were a bit confused to explain it in English, so we just say that there are 4 reasons we use it : to always remember our Lord, to keep our actions, to protect us from bad things, and because hair is a valuable thing according to our religion, the only people who really should look at it was just our husband later. At midnight it is becoming increasingly intense, we discuss the issue of project-project that we’ll take, lovely cities in Taiwan, politics and many various things before we sleep.

The next day the little confusion that Vicky faces was finding us food because we want to eat rice and should not be eating any pig so we went to a store near our hostel (actually not close because of the sort must walk 15 minutes: O: O) and order vegetarian meals and us a little bit shocked that one of its servants was Indonesian: O: O

After that we underwent training on what we would do in this project. So I’ll go through and place and yessy project (project will be explained later) so every two weeks we will move to the other cities. Originally we panic about transportation issues and the like but we thinks there is no need to worried, because it is part of our learning. On this day I finally bought an adapter (because colokannya so different), soap shampoo (due later in the village there is no supermarket) and easy card (the card can be used for buses and MRT) then go to chiang Kai-shek memorial park which is a very beautiful:)

Because the hunger we ordered noodles with first notified by Vicky menu that no pork, suddenly it servants say in Indonesia that it contain the meat and we were told to order the beef are much more expensive +_+

Because it was the night we finally got picked up by Vicky’s mother to her home which is nice and comfortable dining-food, which vary widely in Taiwan and tasty while chatting with her uncle Jay lin (her uncle Vicky), playing the piano together and made themselves to back online.

The first day proves this beauty of the island of Formosa where culture and modernity combined sweet with an appreciation for art as connectivity which are very high. In Taiwan, the arts and creativity are the things that should always be in explored and developed, other than that, my fear of the Chinese Nation which recently reported no caring about others here was not happen. In Taiwan, even in places though there is always a command ‘please help the aged, the blind and people who can’t walk all around you’ clientele and to remind people in Taiwan to care about other peoples, we must be on the right hand side of the escalator because the left side is the path to a busy person and pursued by time, in Taiwan, those who wish to smoke will go out the breathing room so as not to disturb people in the room, in Taiwan, the people in an orderly Queuing-even to train, in Taiwan though, only a few who use the motor as it considered harmful, in Taiwan, public transportation is always well maintained clean and always on time, in Taiwan, there is no one who does not have a job/beg, all trying to do what they can do well even people who are already very old yet is still work to be marketers an apartment, a bus driver was responsible for bringing goods to those in it and clean up its own garbage in his car.

All regular all-rounder in the country, all so. .. beautiful and calculated, and I’m so impatient waiting for the next trip. Thank you so much for today, and yessy: *, meina with courage to pick up this night, Vicky which really nice, ling da for the explanation, lui for the training, trista for the spirit and strength bring our stuff which so heavy, the waiter who made us surprised, chiang’s Museum which so beautiful, mama Vicky for the delicious food, uncle of Vicky’s who’s hilarious, and everything in Taipei! See you 4 weeks away! Zai jian!!:)

one of foreigner:D–Aghnia Amalia Septiany


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