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‘Happy Life’: a brainstorming ..

A brief description of the workings of a brainstorming is to gather people from various backgrounds, creating a comfortable atmosphere, without restraint and free-flowing so it can grow as much fresh thinking and new ideas. In this task, Uncle Apiq format it becomes a question 5W (What, When, Who, Where, Why) + 1H (How), Why Why Why and closed with the assumption that a happy life.

So, this is brainstorming ‘happy life’ in my opinion:

5W + 1H
What: What is a happy life?
Happy life is living by doing what we like, useful for others, and close to our Lord.
Who: Who can live happily?
Every person has their true happiness and reserved to that. Happiness can be increased if humans continue to be grateful for what he had have.
When: When will we be happy?
Certainly from the beginning we were born on earth and lived with the family that we love until the time when we’re going to die where we see the results of our hard work, valuable experiences, and what we do during our life.
Where: Where we can live happily?
Everywhere there must be something that can make us happy.
Why: Why do we need to live happily?
Because we are reserved to that. Our desires can not be achieved without hard work without any spirit arising from feelings of love and happiness in living.
Why 1: Why we should live happily?
We should be happy to increase the spirit of working hard in achieving our desire.
Why 2: Why do we have the spirit of working hard?
Because if we have a big spirit to work hard, then we will be succeed.
Why 3: Why do we have to work hard?
The hard work done to achieve all our desires in the world and the hereafter.
Why 4: Why do we have to achieve all our desires?
In order to achieve satisfaction in our lives.
Why 5: Why do we have to achieve satisfaction in life?
Because that’s what make our lives more meaningful🙂
Happy life is the right of all people without exception. Happiness can be found anywhere, anytime when we get something that means a big or small to us. A person can be happy to eat a fancy and delicious food, and someone else can be very happy in getting only a slice of bread for free on the day when he wasn’t got anything to eat. Because happiness is a feeling, and feelings are formed from a variety of heart that made him which made everyone’s definition of this thing will vary. So, the key to happiness itself is always grateful for what we have, always trying to get what we want with our best effort and do not forget to pray to the Lord that created us 😀


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