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a business idea :

Amid the busy world of work that requires the business women / man to always focus on the their jobs and develop the company, their time to discuss with family, exercising, or even a small but important things such as caring and treating their body appearance as the one key to building a first good impression, is practically little or almost nothing. Career is the number one for them, and work hard or professionalism is the only key to continue in develop their business to make stakeholders believe in them without thinking much about their appearance, especially hair that many people don’t realize that is one of the factors in forming their own image. They knew, of course, but the problem is they did not have time for that.

On this basis, is made, a new innovation in the field of digital website that can analyze the faces of visitors matching with their best hair style, and linked it to the hairstylist who is really expert in making the hair style to do it on the spot wherever you are. Another role of this website is a hairstyling shop online where information of thousands salons and hair care products available around the world!

The advantages of was simple, fast, affordable cost and has millions of options. The customer does not have to spend more time searching for a suitable salon, waiting in line too long, confused in choosing their hair style also spent a lot of money on expensive salon because this website was providing prompts service with thousands of hairstyles and hairstylist in the world who are always ready to serve customers with information about their telephone numbers, location, experience, work, and their charge from the cheapest to most expensive. The customer can also consult online with them to ask anything about the world of hair treatment by making free account.

Business Model –

Key Partners:
In addition to working with a professional hairstylist and licensed, also need to work closely with salons and hair beauty products worldwide to meet customer needs. Also, the IT company for the development of its own website.
Key Activities:
The main activity of this web is to provide sophisticated web applications in which visitors can detect faces, select the hair style to match, and connect it to the hairstylist that fits over their choice or give a choice which best for them. It also has activities to update features on a regular basis and source of information, promotion and maintaining this website also.
Key Resources: in need many IT experts who can create websites that are sophisticated, easy to use, and attractive to visitors, as well as professional management in marketing, finance, human resources to develop this business.
As has been explained in the introduction, offers convenience, speed, affordability price and style’s choices millions of hair / hair care products which are suitable for customers.

Customer Relationship:
Relationships with its customers is by providing a free account on the website is to deal directly with the chosen hairstylist, product updates are sent regularly via email and customer service are under column of the website.
Marketing is done through print media such as newspapers and magazines, electronic media such as email and television are also launching in a few downtown or big cities.
Customer Segment: was made to meet the needs of business women / man in their productive age (23-40), live in big cities, has / have little concern in the appearance of their hair, and new things lover.
Cost Structure:
In running this business the costs required was to make a sophisticated web application, management and marketing costs, staff salaries, maintenance costs and the cost of research & development.
Revenue Stream:
The main income of the website is derived from the partnership, the ads that  are created by thousands of beauty treatment hair products, and the registration charge for the hairstlist around the world.

So let’s join us!:D

Aghnia Amalia Septiany/19009145/UAS CI


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